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Logistics services for e-commerce businesses

Rocketing sales requires an excellent customer experience from your online store, which is created by the influence of many factors. One of the most important of them is efficient and smoothly functioning logistics. This is the area where 3PL shines with professional quality and cost-effectiveness. Interested?

The entire online store logistics easily in one simple package

Save your time and money for your core business: 3PLogistiikka's Pick, Pack & Ship service, which specializes in e-commerce logistics and storage, offers the entire supply chain from order processing through packaging to delivery easily, quickly and cost-effectively - whether your target audience is in Finland or abroad.


Your customer places an order

Your customer browses your online store and orders a product.


The order is transferred to our system

The order information is automatically transferred to our system.


3pl processes the order

3PL picks, packs and labels the order for same-day shipping.


The order is delivered to your customer

The order will arrive at your customer within 1-3 days - in Finland or all over Europe.

3rd party logistics service helps to keep the Costs under control

Outsourced storage service is one of the most effective ways to influence your company's competitiveness. The key word here is flexibility: when you manage the warehouse logistics yourself, the fixed logistics costs that weigh on your balance sheet are in your account regardless of the ups and downs of the market. For us, you only pay for the storage and handling of goods according to your volume.

Contact directly to the professional handling your case

With us, your case will not be left behind a separate customer service in the ticket queue. Rather, you can deal directly with the team leader who handles your case personally in the warehouse. Our logistics centers serve in Finnish and English, and in Tallinn also in Estonian.

No delays - operations can commence as soon as the goods reach us

3PL's warehouse management systems, Ongoing, offers a direct integration support to various client programs, such as ERP's and CMS's. These include e.g. Woocommerce and Shopify. The integration is effortless and usually takes place during the configuration meeting. We are ready for business as soon as the goods are in our warehouse.

A prompt and reliable logistics partner keeps your customers satisfied

The right products, according to the ordered quantities and delivered as quickly as possible. That's the three main requests of every online store customer. The efficiency of the 3PL's logistics service is measured daily by the processing volumes of hundreds of thousands of different items.

Our clients

3PL serves wholesalers, retailers, online stores and importers of various sizes.

3Plogistiikka's client: Handshake Trading
3PLogistiikka's client: Dasgmark
3PLogistiikan asiakas: Huntteri


3PL's logistics centers specializing in the trade sector and importers' logistics serve in Turku, Vantaa and Kerava in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia. The logistics centers are located next to excellent transport connections and contain temperature-controlled and cold storage space.

Vantaa logistics center

Juurakkotie 4, 0150 Koivuhaka



+358 50 439 7679

Turku, Panimokatu logistics center

Panimokatu 1, 20760 Turku



+358 40 063 3139

Kerava logistics center

Tervahaudankatu 7, 04200 Kerava


(door 4)


+358 309 5743

Turku, Jännekatu logistics center

Jännekatu 10, 20760 Turku


+358 44 241 5796

Tallinna logistics center

Liivalao 11, 11216 Tallinn


Turku, Lukkosepänkatu logistics center

Lukkosepänkatu 4, 20320 Turku


+358 50 355 9141

Ask for more

Would you like to hear more about 3PL's logistics services for e-commerce? Contact us by e-mail at myynti(@) or leave your information on the contact form. We will be happy to discuss your needs and solutions suitable for your purpose.

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