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3PLogistiikka Group is a Finnish logistics company that operates with a fair and transparent attitude.

Company with a goal of efficient and transparent freight transport

3PLogistiikka Group serves trade and industry operators, importers, e-commerce businesses and project sites. 3PL develops smoothly functioning logistics with its customers, the goal of which is the transparency and efficiency of the entire supply chain. The group operates in nine logistics centers and employs around 100 logistics professionals. Our facilities are located in seven cities in Southern and Western Finland and in Tallinn, Estonia.









3PL is a customer-oriented logistics partner

Focus in your business

The best result comes from listening to the customer

Since our customers are different, we tend to build logistics services according to their needs. In addition to fulfillment logistics and storage services, we organize versatile value-added services, such as installations, assembly work and inspections. With the help of our cooperation network, we also offer broader overall logistics solutions, such as transportation. One of the cornerstones of our service is the ease of cooperation - with us, you deal directly with the team leader working with your client, without unnecessary intermediaries.

Quality guarantee

With 3PL, the cost comes from quality, not from promises

Flawless service quality is a basic requirement for smooth cooperation. At 3PLogistiikka, the promise of professional logistics service is redeemed with a Quality Guarantee based on mutually agreeable metrics. In this case, the cost level lives up to the quality that has been genuinely performed.

3PL offers a quality guarantee for its logistics services
3PL's outsourced logistics service scales with demand


The 3pl logistics service scales with demand

The need for logistics can change significantly as a result of seasons or larger market changes. In those cases, the main advantages of an external logistics service emerge in the form of flexible costs and resources. 3PLogistiikka is able to scale operations quickly, because the versatile warehouse capacity of around 100 professionals and 65,000 m² offers considerable scope. In our warehouses we can store everything from small goods stored in parcels to bulk items stored in pallets.

Organizing the service

Logistics production at our or your premises

We can produce logistics service in our logistics centers or in our customer's current warehouses. When produced at the customer's premises, the operational functions and resources of the warehouse, incl. personnel and equipment, are transferred to the responsibility of the 3PL along with fixed costs. After the takeover is completed, the operations continue unchanged. For our customer, the change is visible in volume-based variable cost structure, which enables e.g. more agile scaling of the business.

3PL serves the import and trade sector , online retailers , industry and project sites. The company's offices are located in Pori, Turku, Espoo, Kerava, Nurmijärvi, Vantaa and Tallinn. At the beginning of 2025, we will also start in the new Sipoo logistics center .

3PL organizes logistics services in its own or the customer's warehouses
The 3PL uses picking scanners

Technology and competence

Efficient logistics service is made with modern tools and comprehensive experience

Efficiently functioning and intelligently implemented warehouse logistics cannot run without genuine expertise brought by experience. However, experience alone is not enough without highly functional warehouse management technology and modern equipment. We carefully familiarize ourselves with our customers' needs, products and expected volumes of freight traffic, so that we can ensure sufficient resources and efficient use of storage capacity in all conditions.

Transparent Warehouse management

3PL uses modern warehouse and project management systems, which can be comprehensively integrated with various systems used by our customers. These include for example the commonly known e-commerce platforms (CMS) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). The implementation of our Ongoing WMS system is uncomplicated and the integration takes usually place during the implementation meeting. The products are collected using electronic terminals, which means that the data obtained from the goods traffic can be monitored in real time.

Automated storage solutions

The automated warehouse of 3PL's Turku Panimokatu logistics center contains space for 8,000 pallets. 3PL will also invest in the automation of Sipoo's new logistics center.

Part of Reliable Partner program

3PLogistiikka is a part of the Reliable Partner program, which indicates that the requirements required by the Customer Liability Act have been met. You can view the reports at

Illustration: 3PL is an entrepreneur-led logistics company

The company's operating model

We do Logistics with active, lean and transparent way

The owners of 3PL work in different positions of the companies and live the company culture in their everyday work. Fair and transparent operations are the foundation on which 3PL has been built for more than 10 years. We avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and taking mulkeros along like a covid!

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