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logistics services for manufacturing industry

The needs of industry are not handled by "basic processes" imposed by the service vendor. With careful studying of clients needs, know-how and experience, it can be done.

logistics services capable for large scale goods

3PL's logistics center in Pori specializes in the storage and delivery of products, components and raw materials for the manufacturing industry. We ensure the efficiency and profitability of delivery processes flexibly at the pace determined by your production goals.

30,000 m² of versatile bulk and shelf storage space

Logistics services for manufacturing industry

3PL as a logistics partner

Direct contact with professional handling your case

Size that gives room for flexibility

The most important factor in successful cooperation with 3PL is an active and customer-oriented approach. With us, cooperation is handled smoothly without unnecessary intermediate steps. Your contact will be answered by the team leader who handles your customer service directly.

High-quality service is ensured with a quality guarantee

3PL's Pori's unit is an agile logistics operator, which is specialized serving heavy industrial manufacturers. As a major operator in Satakunta, we can offer a high level of performance and a competitive cost level at the same time.

Monitoring of goods flows with open data

Here at 3PL, we believe that sustainable cooperation is measured by terms agreed together with our customers. That's why we give our services a quality guarantee - in other words, our customer's cost lives on the basis of performance.

The warehouse management system used by the 3PL can be widely integrated into various systems used by our customers. The system enables transparent monitoring and reporting of material flows in real time.

Our customers

The 3PL industrial logistics unit in Pori is an experienced and customer-oriented logistics partner that serves companies of various sizes in the technology industry, from market leaders in their field to SMEs. Our services are trusted by e.g. tractor and machine manufacturer AGCO, tire chain Euromaster and food packaging manufacturer Berry Superfos.



3PL's unit specializing in industrial logistics serves maritime transport and tire traffic in Pori's Konepajanranta. The total area of the logistics center is 30,000 m2 and includes temperature-controlled and cold storage space. The logistics center contains approximately 8,000 pallet spaces, three loading docks and a flexible number of push mast trucks, pallet cranes, pick-up trucks and counterweight trucks.

Pori logistics center

Konepajanranta 4, 28100 Pori



+358 44 033 9344

3PL sales for industries

Contact 3PL industrial logistics sales. We will be happy to discuss your needs and solutions suitable for your purpose.

Petri Kaijanmäki

Petri Kaijanmäki


Teollisuuslogistiikan palvelut 3PLogistiikka Satakunta Oy


+358 44 033 9344 petri.kaijanmaki(@)

Jari Mikkelsson

Jari Mikkelsson

Operatiivinen johtaja

Teollisuuslogistiikan palvelut 3PLogistiikka Satakunta Oy


+358 40 530 7554 jari.mikkelsson(@)


Jani Rutonen

Myynti- ja markkinointikoordinaattori

3PLogistiikka Group Oy

+358 44 780 0001


Contact us

You can also leave a contact request using the attached form. We will get back to you within the next two business days at the latest.

By filling in the requested information, you agree that the seller will contact you by phone or email. In the form, we only ask for the information we need to process the matter. You can read about data processing in the privacy statement .

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