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3PLogistiikka Group is committed to responsible business and strives to promote ethical business practices. We take seriously all illegal, unethical and other activities contrary to our guidelines and encourage them to be brought to our attention whenever there is a justified suspicion.

3PL's personnel, partners and other company stakeholders can report activities that violate laws and 3PL's general operating principles through 3PL's anonymous reporting channel (whistleblowing).


Through this channel, you can report, for example, the following suspected violations: conflicts of interest and bribery, human rights violations, financial abuses, environmental violations. The notification channel does not deal with customer complaints, trouble notifications or general HR matters. The notification channel applies to 3PLogistiikka Group Oy and its controlled subsidiaries. The notification channel is available in Finnish, Estonian and English.

When is it good to leave a report through the whistleblowing channel

We encourage you to always first contact the manager, supervisor or other person responsible for the matter to be reported. The person making the report must be convinced of the truthfulness of the facts of his announcement and always act honestly and with sincerity. Accusations should not be made with the intention of harming or when you know they are baseless. Knowingly submitting untruthful reports to the service may lead to legal action. 3PL hopes that the person making the report will primarily make the report under their own name. If you wish, you can also leave the report anonymously.


Processing of notices

All notifications are handled appropriately and confidentially by persons trained and appointed for the task. Processing takes place within the time limits set by law. If necessary, the processors can confidentially request information and expertise from other persons. The persons who are affected by the suspicions or to whom they are related will not be informed of the reports made.


Secure processing of notifications

To ensure anonymity, the service is implemented on EasyWhistle's technical platform. The notification procedure is encrypted and protected with a password. You can only monitor the processing of the notification using the personal submission code provided by the system.


Data deletion

Information left on the notification channel will be stored until the matter has been processed or as long as required by law and regulations. You can leave notifications about 3PLogistiikka Group Oy or its subsidiaries through the channel.

You can read about the principles of data processing in the privacy statement.

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