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Logistics services for projects

Timely routing of material flows between project sites and suppliers to and from the site enables more efficient scheduling and saves costs.

Interim storage and logistics solutions to project sites

3PL's Project services are specialized in the logistics and storage of project sites goods. We optimize material suppliers and project sites' material flows and eliminate the problems caused by the traditional direct delivery model. 3PL's project logistics centers located in metropolitan area take care of the inbound handling and storage of mass shipments from the material supplier and forward the necessary materials to the destinations as on-time deliveries.

More than 10,000 m² of versatile bulk and shelf storage space

Project logistics services

Free pallet pick-up service

We pick up pallets in good condition and with stamps free of charge in the Uusimaa area. Contact our sales or leave your information in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Strength in developing smooth cooperation

3PL's highly efficient project logistics team can solve your challenges regardless of the scope of your challenge. We are uncomplicated and active developers and we know the logistical needs that are essential for projects with years of experience. We have enough muscle to be efficient, but at the same time enough agility to be flexible.

Project logistics services with a quality guarantee

We at 3PL believe that sustainable cooperation is measured by efficiency and delivery reliability. That is why we are ready to give our services a quality guarantee based on bonus-malus measurement. Your cost lives by the quality of what we do.

logistics solutions for various industries

Years of experience in the field of project logistics have led to comprehensive know-how, thanks to which we are an excellent solution partner for various industries. We serve e.g. material suppliers and importers, construction industry, electricity and infrastructure builders and telecommunication network operators.

Logistics expert as part of lean construction

Pace production derived from Lean thinking is an operational model spreading on construction sites that speeds up project turnaround times. The 3PL's expertise is essential in terms of pace production, as logistics is one of the most important factors affecting success.

Transparent and customized cooperation

3PLogistiikka is known for transparent customer management and customized solutions. Our goal is to build sustainable project cooperation with an active approach, taking into account cost efficiency and value generation.

3PL has completed approximately 180 successful logistics projects.

Our customers represent large and medium-sized companies, from construction companies to infrastructure operators. We also serve telecom network operators, material manufacturers and suppliers independently of the industry.




Big projects


In progress


The logistics center of the 3PL Project services is located in the larger metropolitan area in the city of Nurmijärvi.

Customer service

+358 (0) 10 571 5700

Nurmijärvi logistics center

Sisutie 3, 01900 Nurmijärvi


3PL project sales

Are you looking for an experienced project logistics partner? Contact 3PL project logistics sales. We will be happy to discuss your needs and solutions suitable for your purpose.

Markus Orlo

Markus Orlo

Business Director

Project logistics services

3PL PROjektit Oy ​


+358 50 540 2883



Jani Rutonen

Sales and marketing coordinator

3PLogistiikka Group Oy

+358 44 780 0001


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